Repair Requests

At LEKI, we pride ourselves on the unmatched durability and performance of our hiking and trail running poles. We understand, however, that even the most robust products face the relentless forces of nature when used in the great outdoors. To ensure your adventures never miss a step, we offer a comprehensive service department dedicated to maintaining the integrity and extending the lifespan of your poles.

Service and Repair Highlights

Availability: Repairs are subject to the availability of parts and applicable only to products available in South Africa.

Service Delivery Fee: An upfront fee of R150, including VAT, covers courier/delivery costs to and from the customer or retail outlet.

Assessment and Quote: Your pole is thoroughly assessed, and a detailed quote for the repair is provided before any work commences.

Payment and Repair: Upon acceptance and upfront payment of the quote, we proceed with the necessary repairs, ensuring your pole is returned ready for action.

Timeline and Guarantee: Repairs typically take 7-10 working days, excluding shipping times. We back our repairs with a 30-day guarantee, although we cannot offer guarantees on carbon poles that snap from usage.