Cross Trail Lite TA

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Versatile, Reliable, and Supportive for Fast Hiking and Beyond


Conquer Trails with Cross Trail Lite TA

Introducing the Cross Trail Lite TA, a dependable three-section aluminum pole featuring the innovative Cross Shark grip. Combining the speed of the Shark system with the support of an ergonomic hiking grip, it's perfect for fast hiking, blending the benefits of trail running and trekking grips. The wide, highly breathable mesh strap securely envelops your hand, reducing stress on hand muscles. The open-pored, imitation cork foam grip extension offers additional grasping options, making the Cross Trail Lite TA your steadfast companion for exhilarating mountain workouts.



Grip System: The Shark System offers you an optimal power transfer thanks to a direct connection between the hand and the pole. Rapid clicking in and out are no problem and a safety release can protect against injury. All Shark straps and gloves are compatible with all Shark poles.

Grip: The Cross Shark combines the advantages of a trail running grip with a trekking grip. It combines the speed of the Shark System with the support of an ergonomic support surface, and is therefore ideally suited for fast-paced mountaineering.

Shark Frame Strap Mesh: Adjustable in a very few steps and individually customisable strap. It allows for rapid clicking in and out of the pole and is compatible with all Shark poles.

Grip extension: Grip extension for simple grip adjustment on steep terrain or when traversing.

Shaft Material: Aluminum HTS (Heat Treated Shaft) 6.5

Speed Lock  Plus: The adjustment system works via an external clamping mechanism which allows for easy adjustments and offers maximum hold.

Nordic Basket: Compact Nordic walking basket. Protects against sinking into soft surfaces and can be changed easily by hand.

Flex Tip: Robust tip that guarantees precise pole positioning and an optimal grip on nearly any terrain.

*Please Note: Listed price is for a pair of poles. 

Pole Length: 110 - 135 cm