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Timeless Stability and Comfort for Unrivaled Trekking Experiences

Trust the Classic Makalu for Every Hike

Introducing the Makalu, a timeless classic you can rely on for every hiking adventure. Equipped with the latest Aergon Air grip, it has been specially adapted and redesigned for trekking, providing exceptional comfort and control. The unique hollow core technology combines lightweight construction with large, supportive surfaces that cater to your hand's ergonomic needs. The Aergon Air's fully rubberized grip head ensures maximum grip and control during descents, while the inclined angle promotes optimal wrist guidance and pole placement. The aluminum tube construction delivers unbeatable stability, making the Makalu your trusty companion for all excursions.


Grip: The Aergon Air combined lightness with stability. Its ergonomic shape provides maximum comfort, while the fully rubber grip head provides absolute control.

Lock Security Strap Skin 4.0: Adjustable strap with safety release. It is ultra-light, highly breathable and offers ideal comfort.

Grip extension: Grip extension for simple grip adjustment on steep terrain or when traversing.

Shaft Material: Aluminum HTS (Heat Treated Shaft) 6.5

Speed Lock  Plus: The adjustment system works via an external clamping mechanism which allows for easy adjustments and offers maximum hold.

Trekking Basket 2.0: Compact trekking basket. Protects against sinking into snow and mud and can be changed easily by hand.

Flex Tip: Robust tip that guarantees precise pole positioning and an optimal grip on nearly any terrain.

*Please Note: Listed price is for a pair of poles. 

Pole Length: 110 - 145 cm