Traveller ALU

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Your Go-Anywhere Fitness Partner: Traveller Alu

Unleash Your Nordic Potential with the Traveller Alu

Introducing the Traveller Alu, the quintessential all-rounder for the avid explorer and fitness enthusiast alike. This marvel of design fits effortlessly into your travel narrative, compacting to a mere 66cm to snugly fit into any suitcase or backpack. It heralds the arrival of the new Nordic Shark technology, a groundbreaking grip-strap system engineered specifically for the rigorous demands of Nordic walking and skiing disciplines. The Traveller Alu is your ticket to unparalleled precision, control, and power transmission, enabling you to elevate your training sessions to new heights.


Rubber Pad: The Powergrip Pad, made of vulcanized material, provides for an optimal grip on asphalted paths and roads.

Grip: Nordic Shark: 100% grip-strap technology developed for cross-country. More steering, control and power transfer, as well as improved operation.

Shark Frame Strap Mesh: Adjustable in a very few steps and individually customizable strap. It allows for rapid clicking in and out of the pole and is compatible with all Shark poles.
Shaft Material: Aluminum HTS (Heat Treated Shaft) 6.5

Speed Lock Plus: The adjustment system works via an external clamping mechanism which allows for easy adjustments and offers maximum hold.

Nordic Basket: Compact Nordic walking basket. Protects against sinking into soft surfaces and can be changed easily by hand.

Flex Tip: Robust tip that guarantees precise pole positioning and an optimal grip on nearly any terrain.

*Please Note: Listed price is for a pair of poles. 

Pole Length: 90 - 130 cm