UltraTrail FX.One Superlite

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Engineered for Speed, Designed for Champions

Conquer the Trails with Ultratrail FX.One Superlite

Introducing the Ultratrail FX.One Superlite, your ultimate partner for high-octane runs and competitive events. Crafted with top athletes in mind, this ultra-lightweight pole boasts a slim 14mm carbon shaft for optimal performance and minimal weight. Equipped with the innovative Trail Shark grip-strap system, specifically designed for trail running, it offers a 30% weight reduction compared to conventional Shark systems. The Shark Frame strap mesh ensures a perfect fit and direct energy transfer to the pole's core. The intuitive Shark spine design allows for easy attachment, while an additional nose on the handle offers a secondary grip for enhanced precision. With a compact pack size of 35 cm and a mere 118g weight, the Ultratrail FX.One Superlite is your indispensable companion for every race!



Grip System: Shark System: The Shark System offers you an optimal power transfer thanks to a direct connection between the hand and the pole. Rapid clicking in and out are no problem and a safety release can protect against injury. All Shark straps and gloves are compatible with all Shark poles.

Grip: Trail Shark: This grip, specially developed for trail running, offer minimum weight and maximum stability thanks to its Air Channel construction. The Shark System makes clicking in and out possible with just one finger.

Shark Frame Strap Mesh: Adjustable in a very few steps and individually customizable strap. It allows for rapid clicking in and out of the pole and is compatible with all Shark poles.

Shaft Material: Carbon HRC (Highest Racing Carbon)

Grip extension: Grip extension for simple grip adjustment on steep terrain or when traversing.

Folding System: The Push Button System makes it possible to open and close folding poles with the push of a button.

Trail Running Basket: Minimalist basket for maximum weight savings and optimal swing behavior.

Trail Tip: Light-weight basket/tip combination for an optimized vibration control and maximum grip on any surface.

Folding Pole Bag: Practical, ultra-light storage bag for the folding poles.

*Please Note: Listed price is for a pair of poles. 

Notes on uses: The product is weight optimised and designed for use in competition. It requires particularly trained and careful use and is not designed as an everyday training tool. For the purpose of everyday training, we recommend other poles from our range that are optimised for special durability. We recommend use in trail running only on secured paths and not in exposed terrain, i.e. in alpine mountain sports where there is a risk of falling, on snow, ice or glaciers. Special design - does not comply with DIN 79016.

Pole Length: 105cm